Who I am


Pastor Lyanta’ J. Tomlin was born in Vero Beach, Fla and is the eldest son of two from Adrian B. Tomlin who lives in Stockbridge, Ga and Windler J. Tomlin who is deceased. He began his journey in ministry by confessing his call to preach the word of God in January of 2011 shortly after joining Smith Street Baptist Church.

While following under the leadership and tutelage of his pastor, Senior Pastor Willie Finney Jr., he followed him extensively learning ministry and studying God word. Eager to do more he began ministering humbly behind the scenes on Smith Street Outreach Ministry after being licensed to preach in January of 2012. In 2013 the board and congregation of Smith Street agreed and voted Rev. Tomlin in as the Youth Pastor and overseeing the Children Church Ministry.

Under the leadership of Pastor Finney Jr. on April 24, 2016 Rev. Tomlin was ordained at Smith Street Baptist Church, and again God elevated him while he continuously was still diligently serving. He continued working on the Outreach Ministry going throughout multiple neighborhood locations in Macon, Ga witnessing, teaching and winning souls to Christ. Through his strong leadership skills and abundant source of joy, Rev. Tomlin had served as motivation to Smith Street’s youngest body of believers.

During that time while living in Atlanta and commuting weekly to church, he was able to successfully achieve national distribution for his Christian lifestyle publication Divine Voice in Walmart, Kroger, Publix, Harris Teeter, Books A Million and other stores from Florida to Pennsylvania and crossing as wide to Texas with over 10,000 monthly distributed. 

Divine Voice Entertainment has since been transformed into a cutting edge production company with headquarters in Atlanta, Ga, that continues to write and develop projects across multimedia platforms.

After having authored his third book “Traveling To Canaan” shortly after he then wrote, directed, and produced a short film entitled “Canaan” based from the book. He is also responsible for writing other produced projects as well as developed different projects across multimedia platforms from traditional publishing to digital media.

Rev. Lyanta’ J. Tomlin along with his wife Comora S. Tomlin have been hosts of two terrestrial radio shows on LOVE860 AM and WWWE 1100 AM in Atlanta, Ga that he wrote and produced.

He is the Founder of Young Divine Minds (YDM), a 501(c)3 nonprofit that concentrates on bettering the community with different created courses which include creative arts, computer networking, health, radio broadcasting, publishing, film production, music production & music business. There are also life development and transition sessions for middle school to college youth.


Rev. Lyanta’ J. Tomlin is presently completing his degree for Bachelor of Theology.

With many other accolades, awards and accomplishments the most dear to his heart is being a man of God, a loving and devoted husband to his wife Comora S. Tomlin, a father to their son Isaiah, and daughter Marquise, and receiving the call to pastor New Smyrna Missionary Baptist Church in Ft. Valley, Ga where he presently serves as the Senior Pastor to a growing and thriving congregation.