The Tomlin's Couples Counseling

Pastor Lyanta' J. Tomlin 

Pastor and Lady Comora Tomlin have been in ministry for over 10  years. They pastor New Life Christian Church on Mercer University Dr. in Macon GA.

They have been helping couples with their relationship struggles and just simply helping them to navigate through this thing called life together! They offer pre-marital counseling to our engaged couples to help prepare them for their life changing decision.

The Tomlin's have several referrals and testimonials to give as an example of all the amazing chemistry they have had with their clients and the success of their client's relationships or marriages. Only if you both are willing. The Tomlin's will definitely help you and your significant other or spouse get to lovers lane. 

Couples Counseling Prices:


4 Counseling Sessions - $250

(There is a minimum of 4 sessions)

  • Sessions are 2 hours each session 

  • In person or virtual (A requirement  at least 2 in person sessions)

  • 1 session per week

  • Any additional sessions added beyond 4 sessions will be rated at ($50/ session)

Lady Comora Tomlin

Marriage & Pre-Marital Counseling

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