2nd Week of Your 30 Day Romantic Challenge

Updated: Jan 6

This 30 Day Romantic Challenge will change your lives!

If you have not started your 30 Day Romantic Challenge just go look back to the first week and get started surprising your mate.

As it was stated last week and as we introduced the first week, and if you're feeling stuck in your relationship rut, this may be the little extra spice needed for you and your significant other.

What we have done is broken down a 30 day Romantic Challenge to be delivered to you one week at a time, and this is the beginning of week two of this 30 Day Romantic Challenge.

This 2nd week is going to help increase the sexy back into the relationship, and fire in the bedroom and it'll be happening one day at a time.

Day 8: Order the book Five Love Languages

Leave another note in a place that you know they will find it (Ex. On windshield or dash of car) filled with romantic sweet words attached with a time for a lunch date to eat that afternoon.

Day 9: Take the time to fine a photographer that has a studio if you don't already have one in mind. Pay for a session where you and your significant other can with pics together and individually. Don't tell them where they are going, just have their clothes either picked out or have them pic them out and you match accordingly.

Day 10:

Do one spontaneous thing for the other — either in the bedroom or elsewhere.

Start with foreplay of playing a sex game like,

Monogamy, Talk Flirt Date, Sexy Dice or, Sexy Truth or Dare

Day 11: Pick a small home project that either of or both you would like to see changed and if it is a project neither has ever done before, then just look it up on Youtube and both of you patiently work it out together.

(Ex. Paint a room, put up a ceiling fan, or put a lot of old clothes in storage/trash).

Day 12: Experiment in the kitchen, and cook up something new that you both have ordered at a restaurant or just a meal you would like to cook.

Start off by going to the grocery store together and picking out the ingredients for this never cooked before three course meal that includes a movie.

Day 13: Meet home for some spontaneous hot steamy love making for lunch.

That evening meet at a dessert place and try new desserts (cupcakes or ice cream). If you don't feel like going dessert tasting then go to the grocery store and get a few different desserts. Go home and cook them together. After you finish sit on the couch telling each other how your day was while judging each new tasty morsel.

Day 14: Go to the store and go on the game isle and grab a couple of your childhood board games. Make it a light dinner tonight by making something simple like nachos or quesadillas (chicken, beef, or your favorite meat topping) and when you finish see who still has it by playing the game.

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