3rd Week of Our 30 Day Romantic Challenge

Day 15: Experiment in the kitchen, and cook up something new.

Day 16: Run the bath water and put bubbles in the water. Take a bubble bath or shower together and see where it goes.

Day 17: Challenge each other to a board game that you each may have grown up to and make dares for the winner and the loser. Also make a romantic sex coupon for later favors.

Day 18: Try something new in the bedroom whether it is with toys, or different positions.

Day 19: Have a couples date with friends, and go do something spontaneous after going dancing together after dinner.

Day 20: Model new clothes or lingerie for each other, and take pictures. Edit the pics and pick out the ones you'll keep. Hopefully the lingerie modeling may go a little further.

Day 21: Rent a hotel room to get away from your regular routine for a night. If you want to save cash, camp out on your living room floor or under the stars in your backyard instead.

Day 22: Make a list of the reasons you love each other, and share it while laying in the bed or across the sofa with a pan of freshly baked cookies..

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