The Best Relationship Advice For 2020

Nothing in a relationship or marriage should be one-sided. What’s acceptable for one is the same for the other. Granted, there will be sacrifices made as with anything, but it should not consist of one person doing all the giving and the other all of the receiving.

We should go hard for anything that our name is attached to, and especially for our other half. Our partners are a reflection of us and the one we choose to commit to. How do you expect to attain permanence with a temporary mindset? One in which says it’s all about me, my wants & needs.

When you enter the union of marriage, the I/me/my are replaced with us/we /ours.

Meaning, it’s no longer all about you. There is someone else whose well-being, wants and desires should take precedence. Think about it this way: If you put your spouse first and they put you first, no one is left feeling unappreciated & overlooked.

So many married people are still walking around with a single mindset, even after being together for years. That is a sure recipe for disaster. When you become married, things are supposed to change. It’s foolish to think that everything you did prior to exchanging vows can remain the same.

Some places, people, and things should become part of both of each others past, and

who cares what other people think. Your primary objective is to build a foundation that thrives on love, peace & joy. You can’t do that with too many distractions.

How does someone expect 100% from their partner, yet give 50%? Why are they held to a higher standard than we hold ourselves? You must create a blueprint for your marriage, and that’s not what society says or your family/friends think. Do what works for you & yours. If the agreement is that the man pays all the bills, then so be it. However, one who shares those expenses with his woman is no less of a man.

Stop allowing the image of how you think it should be to distort your view of how it really is. Make your marriage/relationship work for you. Understand that you two are on the same team and not in competition with each other.

So much more can be accomplished when couples work together rather than against one another.

If the understanding of marriage was clear, there would be much less divorce and a lot less broken homes. If people entered in with the concept in their mind that what they can give vs get, how they can grow/thrive vs the complacency of remaining the same things would be so much better.

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