What Healthy Black Love Looks Like!

If we are being real, we know way too many people–that is, if we are not one of them–who are in unhealthy relationships. They stay in the name of love but are super miserable, and life is just way too short to be unhappy for any amount of time.

There is this crazy misconception that real love is not only earned, but it is thought that it only comes in pain. And that thought is crazy if I can just add that in. Some people's mind actually believes that the more someone puts you through hell, the stronger your bond will be. That is nothing but dysfunction spelled out in all caps!

Many people just need to be reminded of what healthy Black love looks like, and let me tell you that it definitely isn’t someone putting you through hell. No sir/no ma'am.

Everyone may deserve love, but that doesn’t mean that this particular person deserves your love. Don't be so quick to give away what the person who deserves it is waitng on. You may end up settling for what appears to be love, but instead is unhealthy time wasted with no purpose.

In order to get to a place of loving someone willingly and unrestricted, you must develop a real intimate and intentional relationship.

1. Healthy Black love is about TRUST.

When you are engaged in a relationship that is healthy, you are so in tuned with each other there is no question of each others allegiance.

TRUST presence is part of what cements your relationships and is not only healthy, but it brings the two of you closer.

2. Healthy Black love is about COMPASSION.

When you truly love someone, you seek to understand them intimately. Instead of arguing or setting out to prove a point, prioritize understanding each others point of view in an effort to come to a solution.

3. Healthy Black love is INTENTIONAL.

When you really care for someone, you genuinely want to see your mate win in everything that they do! Healthy love is simple. It's real … and it’s pure with no motives.

Healthy love is INTENTIONAL

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