Don’t Cast Your Pearls is just the encouragement and the kind of message that women today need to hear. A woman is a priceless jewel that was created by God, with His intention for them to be treated as so. Through these next 21 days they will know that anything less should be unacceptable in their life. This is the message that Lyanta' Tomlin has been using to encourage woman all over the country within this revised edition of Don’t Cast Your Pearls: A Woman's 21 Days Of Release.


This is dedicated to the women that are single parents, married, young, seasoned, and women of all walks of life. This book was created to destroy the infections of broken hearts, disappointments, self consciousness, low self esteem, and in return help build confidence from within with unmeasurable faith in God.


In order for there to be room to be filled with what is needed to be elevated, there must first be a release of what is not. Each day after reading expect there to be a release and exhale of distractions, and for the next twenty-one days prepare to gain knowledge that will change your thinking pattern and life forever.


This book is just an intimate overdue conversation between you and God. In twenty-one days pain will turn into power. In twenty-one days disappointments will turn into accomplishments, and self consciousness will turn into confidence. In twenty-one days prepare to never be the same again.


Lyanta' J. Tomlin is a pastor, author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, loving husband and father of two. 

Don't Cast Your Pearls: A Woman's 21 Days of Release