Falling in Love Couple Conference 2022 is going to be epic! Hosted by The Tomlin's

Every Married, Engaged, or Dating couple DO NOT want to miss this life changing event!  You will leave this conference feeling like, “ it’s us against the world baby!” in every area of your relationship!



                                                            Don’t Miss This Exclusive Life Changing Couples Conference!!!

                                                                                        Be there or hear about it!




CDC guidelines will be enforced.

General Couples Ticket for two: $90 


General Couples Tickets Includes: General admission and seating for two.

Served Buffet Brunch for two.

V.I.P. Couples Ticket for two: $150


V.I.P. Couples Ticket for two Includes: V.I.P. parking, VIP Reserved seating for two. Matching couples t-shirts for two. 

Private catered brunch for two with Pastor Lyanta’ Tomlin, Lady Comora Tomlin and all of the guest speakers.

 February 5,  2022

We will learn the 5 Love Languages that will help us to understand our partner better and how to show them the love that they desire.

(Yes, it is possible you're loving your partner with a language they don’t understand.)


We will learn the importance of Intimacy and Romance in the marriage.

            (Now this will be real good!)


We will learn the importance and Power of a Praying Couple.

(A couple that can kneel before God together can stand against ANYTHING!)

We will also  learn important tools on how to become Successful Business Partners in our relationship.

(For all the doors that were closed on us, we are coming to buy the entire building!)